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Utilities included 
(same unless indicated)
226 13th St. NW #3 2/1 Heat, water, sewer, & trash $700 Apartment April 1
2011 Hightop Place NE 5/3.5 None $1950 House Now
1502 2nd Ave SW 3/1 None $1250 House Now
931 6th Ave SW 3/2.5 None $1550 House Now
2007 Glendale Hills Dr. NE 5/3.5 None $2350 House Now
1901 26th Ave NW #24 2/1 Water, sewer, trash $750/800 Apartment April 15
1901 26th Ave NW #21 2/1 Water, sewer, trash $800 Apartment April 10
218 13th St. NW #8 2/1 Heat, water, sewer, & trash $700 Apartment April 15
3025 Venice Lane NW 3/2.5 None $1350 Townhouse April 15


Properties are located in Rochester, MN unless otherwise indicated.  

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